The Near-Sighted Monkey

Summer household hints from Marlys!

Color me Marlys! Summer coloring book pages!

Ain’t no cure for Arna’s summer time blues. Cept for Marlys!


Heinrich Anton Müller (1869-1930)

Summer lovin and hatin from Marlys!

Long, longer, longest summer for Arna

Romare Bearden.

Say his name to the bartender in the NSM lounge and drinks are on the house.


Romare Bearden. Three Folk Singers, The Soul Three, Black Manhattan, Carolina Shout, The Prevelance of Ritual - Baptism, Madeline Jones’ Wonderful Garden, The Street, On Such A Night As This, Martinique Painting. Rare Untitled Lithograph (top to bottom). 1960s-1970s.

Arna and Marlys! Oh my goodness!

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Summer lovin and teats from Freddie and Marlys!

Summer Holiday lovin’ from Marlys and Fred Milton

Summer Holiday lovin’ from Marlys and Fred Milton