The Near-Sighted Monkey

Song:  Nobody   Hodges James Smith and Crawford 1972

Source: The great

Dear Unthinkable Mind Students,

We are going to have a good week together! It’s going to feel like this song sounds. Have you been worried about your book? Projects like this often come together in a completely unexpected way but you may not know what I mean until it happens to you. A surprise presents itself and you follow it and as you work it keeps surprising you. And that is the thing that will help you finish. You’ll want to chase it down until you can run along side it.

This  ‘surprising thing’ that seems to happen in an instant(— often right about the time we are sure it’s all actually horrible—) can only happen after spending the amount of time you all have spent learning and practicing this way of working, this Unthinkable Mind thing, whatever it might be. I am so happy to watch all of your books starting to bloom at once. Pictures from an expedition.


Professor Old Skull.

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