The Near-Sighted Monkey

Dear Students,

This just in from sharp-eyed Smiley Bone.

In 1947, ten cartoonists drew their characters blind-folded. Can you dig it? Wanna try it?

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What can you learn from making a drawing in 45 seconds and handing it off to a stranger?

Dear Making Comics Class,

Here are some blurry close-ups of the 2”x 2.5” drawing jam drawings.

The assignment: It’s a dang Round Robin!

Each person folds sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch paper into 16 chambers and draws the dividing lines in the creases. Someone keeps time, saying ‘Change’ every five to ten seconds. You have 5 seconds to write down an occupation (nurse) or style of person (stoner) at the top of one of the chambers and pass the paper from one person. You keep doing this until you have 16 styles of people identified at the top of each box. Pass one more time.

Time keeper tells you this:

Using non-photo blue pencil, you have 45 seconds to draw whatever sort of person is indicated in blank chamber. When 45 seconds are up, you your pass again. Keep going until all 16 chambers are filled with drawings in non-photo blue. If there are enough people in the class (over 16) you will get a page of drawings that you had nothing to do with.

But now you ink them all in.

After the inkers come the Colorists!

Your assignment: Using a photocopy of the Drawing Jam pages, color each frame using just black color pencil,  then just one color of color pencil, and then any which way you want.

When we work together like and each picture we look at here has had at least four different hands and minds creating it.  The final pages belong to no one and to all of us. There are so many hands on work at each drawing. So many hands helped to where it can be seen and ever-seen.


Professor Booooootsy

Therefore, it is summer!

Mid-Summer night’s JIVE! by Marlys!

Sudden summer development in the world of Marlys.

The ghostly lips of summer are now calling you! Love! Marlys!

Its for you! A summer love call from Marlys.

Hot town, summer in the front room

Marlys, Freddie and Arna

Summer household hints from Marlys!

Color me Marlys! Summer coloring book pages!

Summer lovin and hatin from Marlys!

Summer Holiday lovin’ from Marlys and Fred Milton

Summer Holiday lovin’ from Marlys and Fred Milton

The Summer Talent of Marlys!

Even more summer lovin’ from Marlys!