The Near-Sighted Monkey

What will school be like in one hundred years?

" In one hundred years we will go to school in magnet cars. This is a magnet car and it floats. It has six seats and in the back it has everything you want. It works by solar energy. It has sensors like this, you don’t crash. It seems smaller than it is." -Lorenzo, 5th grade

"For the future the robot teacher tells all the information in life and they can shrink any object." Ryan, 4th Grade

From  The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s Counterfactual Campus project at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Collected by  Lynda Barry, Artist in Residence,December 2012

Kids imagine schools of the future SOURCE

Above: Ronan, age 5 “This is the future of inventions school. Dogs and cats will have alien eyes. There won’t be people. This school will happen in the future when everyone is dead.”

Below: Lia, age 5 “My future school is underground. There are poisonous glass worms on the crystal ball (world) that is underground, so the worms wouldn’t slime the building because it is made of glass. This future is so far away that no people will ever get there.”

Kids imagine schools of the future SOURCE

Above: Jason, age 5 “In the underground school we play all day underground. We play under the streets and sidewalks. My future will happen one day.”


Ry, age 5: ““In this future we will build our own bionicles. And the school itself will move like a bionicle (the school moves and walks with people inside). My school is two hunderd million thousand years away.”

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What is it about children’s drawings that makes them so soulful?